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Become a Professional Skin Care Specialist with Livart Beauty Academy Kochi

Are you passionate about skin care and want to pursue a career in the beauty industry? Livart Beauty Academy Kochi is one of the leading institutes that offers a comprehensive skin care course that will prepare you to become a professional skin care specialist

Skin Care Courses

Duration: 4 Months

A skin care course is a diploma program that covers both theoretical and practical aspects of skin care. You will learn how to consult with clients, identify skin types and problems, perform various skin care treatments, and use the latest technology and equipment for skin care. You will also learn about skin science, skin function, skin anatomy, skin pathology, and the basics of skin.

Things You Learn in the Skin Care Course

Get Hands-on Training in

Skin Science
Skin Function
Skin Anatomy
Skin Pathology
Basics of Skin
Manicure & Pedicure
A photo of a person’s smooth and healthy skin on their neck and shoulders. The person has dark curly hair and green earrings that contrast with the black background. The image shows the results of good skin care practices.

Topics covered

Personal Development Class 

Importance of Personal Grooming and Professional Ethics 

How to Consult a Client 

Sterilisation and Sanitisation

How to Prepare a Client Before Treatment 

Different massage manipulations 

Fundamentals of Skin 

Skin Disorder 

High Frequency Facial

Ultrasound Facial

Hydra facial 

Different Method of Waxing 

Basic to Advance Manicure & Pedicure

A person practicing skin care by applying a facial mask and wrapping their hair in a towel. The person is holding a mirror to check their skin condition and touching their face gently.

Other Courses

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We have many more courses for you, be a trained professional with Livart Beauty Academy

Discover the perfect combination of theoretical knowledge and practical training in the newest skin care products and treatments. This four-month certificate programme gives you a deep understanding of the science behind skin care but also provides hands-on experience in performing various skin treatments. You will practice doing different skin treatments on real clients. This way, you will be ready for any skin challenge and grow your skills in this industry. Join the Livart Beauty Academy and become a professional skin care specialist.

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Master the Art of Hair, Make-up and Skin with Livart Beauty Academy which will equip you to pursue high-paying career opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. Our courses are designed to give you a deeper understanding of concepts and upcoming makeup trends. Join us and be a certified professional

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