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Are you passionate about skin care and want to pursue a career in the beauty industry? Livart Beauty Academy Kochi is one of the leading institutes that offers a comprehensive skin care course that will prepare you to become a professional skin care specialist in just 4 months. 

Skin Care Course

Our diploma course in skin care covers both the theoretical and practical aspects of skin care. You will be able to identify different skin types and problems, perform various skin care treatments, use the latest technology and equipment and learn how to consult with clients during the program. In addition, you will learn about skin science, skin function, skin anatomy, skin pathology, along with the basics of skin.

Skin Care Course in Kochi: Be an Accredited Skin Care Specialist

Skin Care Duration: 4 Months

Any skin and beauty course would be incomplete if students did not understand the fundamentals of skin including skin science, skin function, skin disorders and treatments, and advanced facials. Livart Beauty Academy provides the necessary training in these specific areas along with skin analysis, anti-aging treatment, acne treatment, skin care product use, and skin consultation.

Being subjected to the combined theoretical and practical knowledge of the most recent skin products and treatments qualifies you as a skincare professional. Join the skin course at Livart Beauty Academy and learn how to give clients the desired aesthetic looks.

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Things you will learn in the Skin Care Course

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After Completion of Skin Care Diploma Course you will get hands-on training in

  • Skin science
  • Skin function
  • Skin anatomy
  • Skin pathology
  • Basics of skin
  • Facials
  • Waxing
  • Threading
  • Manicure & pedicure

Topics covered in the Skincare Course

  • Personal development class 
  • Importance of personal grooming and professional ethics 
  • How to consult a client? 
  • Sterilisation and sanitisation
  • How to prepare a client for treatment?
  • Different massage manipulations 
  • Fundamentals of skin 
  • Skin disorder 
  • High frequency facial
  • Ultrasound Facial
  • Hydra facial 
  • Different methods of waxing 
  • Basic to advanced manicure & pedicure
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Skin Care Course Qualification

We believe qualification and age are not an issue to master your career with us. Livart Academy welcomes everyone who likes to get real-world experience and build confidence in your skills.

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Master the Art of Hair, Make-up and Skin with Livart Beauty Academy which will equip you to pursue high-paying career opportunities in the beauty and wellness industry. Our courses are designed to give you a deeper understanding of concepts and upcoming makeup trends. Join us and be a certified professional

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