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Livart Beauty Academy is a professional Institute offering courses for those who wish to start a new career or to upgrade their current profession in Hair, Make-up and Skin artists . It providing the highest standard of make-up education and session hair styling.

Our Story

Driven by passion taught with experience to create better craftsmen in Hair Makeup and Skin.

Livart Beauty Academy epitomises the phrase, two is better than one.

The story goes like this: Stephy Sebastian, founder and seed bearer, dreamer of this institution, has two decades of experience in the Salon professional industry heading training and development at a national level for some very prominent brands in India like L`Oreal and Wella.

Hailing from Kochi, he travelled to other states to pursue his training and education. Though this was two decades ago. This still stays true to anyone who still wants to pursue this career. The meeting of Stephy and Joesph Nipun brought about the missing link.

Rags to riches is a story we are all too familiar. Yet we all still love hearing a good story. So is the story of a woman who broke the shackles of the stereotypical Malayali nurse to find her way into the world of art and creativity and followed her passion. This story is about Stephy Sebastian, born and raised in Kuttanadu, the heart of Alappuzha also known as Alleppey, a district in the southernmost state of India, Kerala. She served as a successful nurse, like many Malayali women, for five years until she found her calling as an artist. In her search for education, she also took up institutes that were far away from home. Her success story from nursing to hairdressing shows that there are no barriers that you can’t cross.

Livart Academy is an archive for hair, makeup and skin. Under the strong leadership of Joseph Nipun, one of the best trainers in the salon industry. We have finally bridged the gap with our very own academy in the heart of Kerala.

In past decades, with the booming growth in the Salon professional industry, the demand for skilled artists is much more than what the supply was. To make technical and artistic education available to those desirous of honing this skill has given rise to Livart Beauty Academy.

Filling the gap between demand and supply is but one reason for Livart. As an entrepreneur, Stephy co-founder draws from her life experience the hardship of finding her passion and her professional education, bringing life to a new dream. We often realize dreams when fired with passion. We built Livart upon this very truth.’ If your mind can think it, you can achieve it ‘

In a post-pandemic economy where jobs are few, Livart Beauty academy empowers you to become your boss, a possibility for aspirants who want to become leaders and entrepreneurs. Providing state-of-the-art education with the moving times and technology to equip you to be the best in the Industry.

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We provide an industry benchmark for Hair, Make-up and Skin artists

Make-up is a form of art and therefore, we teach people how to develop their ideas by using their creativity as well as teaching them how to work professionally. 


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Best-in-Class Education

Our Courses are specially designed to provide the best facilities for students and dedicated to learning excellence.

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