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    Livart Beauty Academy, the top beauty school in Kochi, offers one of the top beautician training course in Ernakulam. We provide training in various aspects such as haircuts, bridal makeup, saree draping, facials, waxing etc. Receive beautician training from us to become a beauty expert in the industry. Our courses are designed in such a way as to give you an understanding of the concepts and trends in the industry. Learning this will open the door to career opportunities in salons, spas and beyond.

    Our expert trainers offer high quality education to build your knowledge of various concepts and to provide practical knowledge in various beauty disciplines such as hair, skin, makeup etc. Students get access to advanced tools and products including premium beauty products to train themselves in different aspects. Completing the beauty course at Livart Academy unlocks career opportunities for you. You can work in salons, spas, beauty clinics, makeup studios or even as a freelancer. Graduating from Livart Academy can enhance your credibility and reputation within the industry, enabling you to secure a good job at the beginning of your career.

    Livart Academy’s beautician training courses include a diploma in skin, makeup, hair and cosmetology along with one-month and short-term courses.

    Beautician Training Course in Ernakulam

    Why Choose Livart Academy’s Beautician Training course?

    We have a team of experienced and passionate instructors to train you to develop the skills and confidence to pursue a career as a beautician. Livart Beauty Academy is affiliated with B&WSSC (Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council), a nationally recognized certification body for the beauty industry. Upon completion of the course, you will receive a nationally recognized certification enhancing your career possibilities. Our curriculum includes extensive practical training sessions where you can apply your knowledge and develop your skills under the guidance of industry professionals.

    Learn from the Experts

    Learn from experienced and passionate Instructors who share their knowledge and industry insights in our online course. You will gain the skills and confidence to pursue a rewarding career in cosmetology or enhance your personal style. Enroll today and discover the secrets of cosmetology.

    Get Nationally Recognized Certification

    At Livart Beauty Academy, we are affiliated with B&WSSC (Beauty and Wellness Sector Skill Council), a nationally recognized certification body for the beauty industry. Our courses provide you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in this competitive field.

    Hands-on Practical Training

    We believe in learning by doing. That’s why our courses include extensive practical training sessions where you can apply your knowledge under the guidance of experienced professionals. Gain real-world experience and build confidence in your skills.

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    Preetha Unni
    Preetha Unni
    Good experience in 2days advanced hairstyle Classes.. thanks to livart academy.and thanks to stephy mam and nipun sr ....
    Anju Mol
    Anju Mol
    I am so happy, Siju gave me a nice feather cut, nice work,Thank you siju and livart academy🥰
    Sreekuttan Sree
    Sreekuttan Sree
    I completed a 6 month beautician course at livart academy, and it was a great experience. Without a doubt, livart is the best institution in Kochi for top-notch beautician training.👍
    Anjana Harikumar
    Anjana Harikumar
    Had a 1 week class by Livart Beauty Academy conducted by Stephy Ma'am & Serra Ma'am in Assumption College. It was a wonderful experience, got to know many things about hairstyle & makeup & self Grooming. Hope to have more classes in the future.
    Anna Rose
    Anna Rose
    It was a great experience. They just taught us for a few days but left us with a lot of information. They taught us in a way no one would ever do. I haven't seen anyone putting a lot of effort in something like this. It was Stephy Ma'am and Sera cheichi who taught us. They made us feel so comfortable and was friendly. They gave us many advice on the topics they were teaching. It was a great experience and I hope to get to meet them one more time.
    Lena123 Mathew
    Lena123 Mathew
    It was such an interesting class. Got a lot more information about hair styling and makeup.Stephy Mam's and srea chechi's Interaction with students was great.Each class gave us a good experience and I overall liked the class and Mam's way of teaching. Thanqq so much mam for giving us such a good experience ❤️
    Akhila Sundar
    Akhila Sundar
    Its is very amazing class.I get more knowledge the ways of teaching is very good i easily understand all the things that we learned .Thank you mam for your precious time spend with us.
    marjana leo
    marjana leo
    Hello !!! Last 3 days I attended the hairstyling class from Livart Academy.I enjoyed and lot of doubts are solved in my hairstyling. And none other than the way of teaching was absolutely amazing, specially Stephy Ma’am ‘You are the best’… Thank-you for the team once again.. - MARJANA MUJEESH
    shenin f.s
    shenin f.s
    I was very interested in joining a course in bridal makeup. After a lot of research, I came to Livart Academy, which is one of the best institutes that teach makeup courses in kerala. The moment I joined here, I became more and more confident in my makeup works with the constant support of my teachers and the helpful practical sessions. So happy that I am finally in the best place!
    Priya Mahesh
    Priya Mahesh
    Just want to say thanks for doing such a great job with my hair. I have never felt so beautiful in my life and the pictures look fabulous. You were great to work with! I just wanted to say thank you again for everything Rachana is really a good hair stylist best wishes for your good future......☺️🤗


    How much does a beautician course cost?

    Beautician course fees vary based on several factors such as location, academy chosen, type of program, course of study, duration of the course, and mode of training (online or offline).

    What are the age limit and minimum qualification required to enroll in a beautician course?

    Generally, there is no age limit or qualification to join the training programme. But there may be a minimum qualification based on the type of course. Above all, your passion and dedication are more important than anything.

    Which is the best beautician course available in Kerala?

    If you want to learn beauty skills, you need to find a good course. The best course depends on your individual needs and goals. Think about what you want, how much you can spend, and where you want to work when selecting the best beautician course in Kerala. Livart Academy offers one of the best beautician courses that includes different areas in cosmetology like skin, hair, makeup, and so on. Check out more courses here.

    What extra benefits will I get as a B&WSSC-certified candidate?

    Obtaining a B&WSSC certificate helps you develop your skills, enhance your credibility and earn industry recognition. Since B&WSSC is a recognised awarding body of the National Council for Vocational Education and Training (NCEVT) under the aegis of the Ministry of Skill Development and Entrepreneurship (MSDE), it subjects you to wider job opportunities and thereby accelerates career growth.

    What is the career outcome of a beautician in India?

    Career outcomes for beauticians include salon beautician, spa therapist, entrepreneur, hair stylist, makeup artist, nail technician, skin therapist, cosmetology teacher, beauty consultant, beauty blogger etc.

    What is included in the cosmetology course?

    Cosmetology courses generally cover every aspect of cosmetology, both theory and practical. The theory includes anatomy and physiology, cosmetology chemistry, salon sanitation and safety, business and professionalism. Practicals include skin, hair, and makeup, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education.

    Which cosmetology school is the best?

    Best cosmetology school depends on the individual's needs, preferences, and goals. To find a good beauty school, you need to think about what you want and what is important for you. Factors to consider are accreditation, reputation, faculty, course of study, job placement, and student reviews. Livart Beauty Academy is one of the top cosmetology or beauty schools in Kerala, providing training and education for students to perform cosmetology services. This cosmetology certification programme teaches you everything you need to know about skin, hair, and makeup, ensuring that students receive a well-rounded education.

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