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 At a very young age his skillfulness and ability to grasp made him different from others. Creative and out of the box thinker. He pursued Hairdressing at a very young age and went on to work with the best in the country. His professional career started with L`Oreal and he went onto becoming a National training manger with some of the big players in the Salon professional division.

Teaching the art of hairdressing being his forte he worked with academies and beauty schools. Nipun has been an inspiration to many youth who were searching for direction in this hard bent educational structure. “not all of us are called to be doctors, sometimes people need a hairdresser more  than a doctor “ his very own words. Making someone look good is half the job done on how good they feel about themselves. He goes on to teach his students that it’s not just a craft, you learn, this is about who you become. Hairdressing teaches you discipline and accountability. A good Hairdresser is a great listener.

Joseph Nipun Conso, founder and seed bearer of this institution, has had two decades of experience in the Salon professional industry heading training and development.  His journey, driven him to give back to the society a world of opportunity.

He has worked with many artist from around the world and his desire to share that knowledge with this e aspiring to be in this industry has been the key reason for livart to be born. He worked side by side to some stalwarts in the industry in India, without having to name drop any. He was one among the pioneers in this ever- growing industry to recognise the potential of this alternative profession. For the young generation that is hooked on media and entertainment and knowing that hair is an integral part of fashion, Nipun believes that this art will bring about many entrepreneurs.

Hairdressers, barber shops and beauty parlours were not very glamours in the past. Whereas today they have become a multi – billion dollar industry that is backbone of fashion itself. Over the decades, it has streamlined and corporatised, and Joseph Nipun has been part of this niche segment.From Colour awards to fashion weeks and many a backstage story. His expertise in cut colour and chemical work makes him the trusted company to be in. His corporate exposure brings him the needed management expertise to run an enterprise such as livart. 

Joseph brings a following of many students and entrepreneurs who vouch for his commitment as a teacher.

She served as a successful nurse for five years until she found her calling as an artist. With the firm support of her family, she pursued her education in hair and makeup from the best in the Industry.

Her achievement as an artist is a dream come true for her beloved mother, who has been her inspiration. Growing up, she watched her mother generously sharing her talent to groom young brides who could not afford professional help. Stephy used her budding talent for hair and makeup while in her college, unaware she would someday in the future be holding space as an artist and educator.

Beyond the barriers of language culture and professional education as a nurse she embraced her love for this ever-growing beauty industry and understood the need for skilled professionals. Stephy chooses to go beyond just creating a platform for education, but to inspire dreams in the young adult who will be icons in this industry tomorrow. In her very own words she says to them “If I can, you can too”.

In the wake of this new era, with women breaking the moulds, Stephy took the leap as a pioneer in setting the stage for the future artist in hair and makeup. In an ever growing and changing scene of fashion, Kerala is not far behind. We have some of the finest talent within this state, be it Hair or Make up. Yet the dearth of good education and a beauty school lagged far behind. Hair and makeup is a craft that need to be taught by experienced hands.  Stephy Sebastian has both craft and experience to give the livart artisans.


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