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Stephy Sebastian

Stephy Sebastian, born and raised in Kuttanadu, the heart of Alapuzha also known as Alleppey, a district in the southernmost state of India, Kerala

She served as a successful nurse for five years until she found her calling as an artist. With the firm support of her family, she pursued her education in hair and makeup from the best in the Industry.

Her achievement as an artist is a dream come true for her beloved mother, who has been her inspiration. Growing up, she watched her mother generously sharing her talent to groom young brides who could not afford professional help. Stephy used her budding talent for hair and makeup while in her college, unaware she would someday in the future be holding space as an artist and educator.

Beyond the barriers of language culture and professional education as a nurse she embraced her love for this ever-growing beauty industry and understood the need for skilled professionals. Stephy chooses to go beyond just creating a platform for education, but to inspire dreams in the young adult who will be icons in this industry tomorrow. In her very own words she says to them “If I can, you can too”.

In the wake of this new era, with women breaking the moulds, Stephy took the leap as a pioneer in setting the stage for the future artist in hair and makeup. In an ever growing and changing scene of fashion, Kerala is not far behind. We have some of the finest talent within this state, be it Hair or Make up. Yet the dearth of good education and a beauty school lagged far behind. Hair and makeup is a craft that need to be taught by experienced hands.  Stephy Sebastian has both craft and experience to give the livart artisans.


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