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Which Course or Diploma Should You Choose After 10th or 12th to Become a Beautician?

Choosing the Best Beautician Course After 10th12th

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Which course is best for a beautician after 10th or 12th?

The first step in the beauty industry is to locate your area. The beauty sector offers many possibilities, including cosmetology, makeup, hair care, and nail care. After completing your 10th or 12th schooling, you can enrol in a cosmetics school; there are various makeup academy certificate and degree programs in Kerala. It is critical to select a course that is government-approved and has an excellent record in the community. You will only advance in the beautician industry if you gain enough job experience and work under a qualified expert. Also, learn new techniques and keep up with current trends. Short-term Beautician and Makeup certifications (duration: 2 weeks to 3 months) and advanced or professional certificates in beauty and makeup (period 3 to six months) of duration.

Some best courses for beautician after 10th or 12th;

  • Undergraduate Diploma in Beautician and Makeup (Duration 3 To 12 Months)
  • Bachelor’s Degree in Beautician and Makeup (Duration 3 To 4 Years)
  • Masters Degree in Beautician and Makeup (Duration 2 Years)
  • Postgraduate Diploma in Beautician and Makeup (Duration 6 Months To 1 Year)

Can we do a beautician course after 10th?

Starting a career as a beautician or cosmetics artist is a fantastic option today. Those who are passionate about makeup and creativity may get a job as a beautician. After completing 10th or 12th grade, enrol in a reputable makeup academy for your desired field of specialization. Many institutes provide practical training in cosmetology and cosmetic treatments to persons who have completed secondary education. Livart Academy, one of the best beauty and makeup institute in Kerala, provides the best beautician course in Kochi. These courses often include many topics, including skincare, hair care, cosmetics techniques, and salon management. Enrolling in such a course will allow you to gain the practical skills and knowledge needed to pursue a career as a professional beautician.  Further, some programs may provide internships or certifications to provide hands-on experience in real-world salon settings, improving your job potential once you complete the course.

Understanding the Career Path of a Beautician

A beautician is someone who helps others improve their appearance and style. Beauticians work on skincare and hairstyle. Pedicure, manicure, and beauty services. They operate in a variety of areas, including hair, nails, skincare, and makeup. 

Role of a Beautician
  • Provide a range of beauty services such as hairstyling, makeup application, skincare treatments, and nail care.
  • Consult with clients to understand their preferences, needs, and any specific requirements.
  • Stay updated on industry trends, new techniques, and emerging products to provide the latest services.
  • Maintain a professional and welcoming atmosphere in the salon or spa environment.
  • Collaborate with other team members, such as hairdressers or estheticians, to coordinate services and ensure seamless customer experiences.
Responsibilities of a Beautician
  • Perform beauty treatments with precision, skill, and attention to detail.
  • Keep work areas clean, sanitized, and organized to uphold hygiene standards.
  • When using equipment or products, follow the safety protocols and restrictions. 
  • Manage appointment bookings, schedule adjustments, and client inquiries efficiently.
  • Provide personalized recommendations for skincare routines, product usage, and maintenance between salon visits.
  • Handle client feedback, concerns, and complaints professionally and effectively.
  • Continuously develop and improve skills through training, workshops, and professional development opportunities.
  • Promote salon services, packages, and retail products to clients to enhance revenue and customer satisfaction.

Factors to Consider When Choosing a Course

The beauty sector has seen a number of changes in recent years, creating stable job options for students. The job of beautician is distinct from creativity, self-expression, and transformation. Beauticians help people gain self-confidence and achieve their ideal appearance. There are many elements to consider before selecting a course; 

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1. Define your passion

The first step towards entering the world of beauty is to identify your area of interest. Do you observe areas such as skin care, hair styling, nail care, and makeup artistry? Identifying your area of interest helps you reach your goals. 

2. Research course options

With your passion in mind, begin researching your courses and the availability of them. Next, search for a school or organization that provides your comprehensive course. Study the course outline, modules, and specialization options available. 

3. Accreditation and Reputation

When selecting a beautician course, focus on the institution’s accreditation and reputation. Accredited courses not only increase your skills but also develop your credibility as a beautician in the field. 

4. Experienced faculty

Experienced faculty members have significant effects on the quality of your educational experience. Qualified experts participate in a variety of programs and events, so they have a thorough understanding of the beauty industry.  

5. Curriculum and specialization

Before joining the beautician training, thoroughly review the curriculum. A thorough beautician education includes skin treatment, hairstyle, nail care, and makeup artistry. Depending on your interests, you may wish to look into specializations such as bridal makeup, advanced skin care therapy, and salon management.   

Best Beautician Course After 10th Or 12th?

1. Cosmetology Diploma Course

Cosmetology Diploma course are professional training programs that provide individuals with the skill and knowledge to pursue a career in the beauty industry. Cosmetology courses cover various types of beauty such as hair styling, skin treatment, makeup application, nail care and salon management. A cosmetology course creates opportunities for students to connect with industry professionals and other employees. The course duration is up to 10 months. 

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2. Hair Stylist Course

A hair stylist course is an essential component of beauty education, providing extensive training in hair care, style, and salon administration. In the ever-changing beauty sector, skilled hairstylists are in high demand. A hair stylist education teaches learners the abilities required to flourish in this dynamic sector, including cutting and colouring techniques, styling trends, and product expertise. Moreover, with an increasing focus on personal grooming and image development, the work of a hair stylist becomes even more important. Finally, investing in a hair stylist course provides a variety of job options and ensures relevance in the strong beauty industry. The course duration is up to 4 months.

3. Makeup Course

Enrolling in a makeup course is essential for aspiring professional makeup artists. It offers a systematic basis that includes fundamental procedures, product knowledge, hygiene practices, and industry insights. Hands-on training and supervision from experienced professionals help students master makeup applications for a variety of skin types, facial structures, and events. A cosmetics training course also covers colour theory, trend analysis, and client communication skills, all of which are necessary for customising looks to specific tastes. Beyond technical skills, it promotes confidence and professionalism, which are essential for client interactions and job advancement. Finally, a makeup course is a step toward becoming a skilled and in-demand makeup artist in the competitive beauty market. The course duration is up to 2 months.

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4. Skin Treatment Courses

Skincare treatment courses provide valuable instruction for beauty professionals, covering skin care procedures, product expertise, and advanced treatments. These courses are essential in the beauty sector, where healthy, beautiful skin is a priority. They discuss skin analysis, treatment customisation for different skin types, and how to handle common skin concerns such as acne, ageing, and pigmentation. Understanding the most recent innovations and trends in skincare helps professionals stay competitive and relevant. Also, these courses highlight safety measures, customer consulting abilities, and ethical practices, which promote client trust and loyalty. Finally, skin treatment courses raise the quality of skincare services and enable specialists to give great results. The course duration is up to 4 months.

Things You should know before enrolling in a beautician course

Choosing the appropriate course is critical for a successful career as a beautician. It sets the framework for acquiring important skills, remaining current on industry trends, and developing professionalism. A well-chosen course provides complete training, equipping students with the knowledge needed to succeed in a variety of beauty fields. By investing in a great education, candidates ensure that they are prepared to meet the demands of this dynamic industry, which opens up endless prospects for advancement and achievement. We recommend you to explore our courses and take the first step toward fulfilling your ideal career. 

Seeking advice from career counsellors or specialists in the beauty industry is crucial. These professionals provide personalized insights, assisting clients in understanding the various career pathways available in the beauty industry. Aspirants can use their experience to determine their talents, interests, and ambitions, and then match them with appropriate opportunities. Career counsellors offer important guidance on schooling, training programs, and skill development, giving a solid basis for success. Also, coaching from industry specialists provides real-world viewpoints, networking opportunities, and mentorship that are essential for professional development. Finally, working with these professionals enables people to make informed decisions, maximise their potential, and pursue rewarding jobs in the dynamic beauty sector. If you are interested in the beauty industry or start a new career with beauty check out the Livart beauty Academy website and get detailed information about your queries. Also, join our beautician course and ensure your opportunity with the best academy.


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