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Scope and Career Opportunities of Beautician jobs in India 2024

“Livart Academy” discussing the beautician job, scope, and career opportunities in India

Beauticians are professionals providing beauty treatments such as make-up, therapy, manicures, etc to their customers. The beauty industry in India offers promising opportunities and bright careers for beauticians. It is a blooming industry, evolving from a niche profession to a global powerhouse. In the recent years, the industry has witnessed extraordinary growth powered by social media, fashion, entertainment, etc. This surge has resulted in extensive and varied career and scope opportunities for individuals passionate about beauty careers. Most of the beautician courses demand 12th as the minimum qualification. At Livart Beauty Academy, we offer short term courses (a few days), long term courses (a few months), and diploma courses. Is beautician a good career? Let’s discuss it in detail.   

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Beauty certifications

There are various courses and certifications available, ranging from short-term courses to full-fledged degree programs. Some popular certifications include a Diploma in Cosmetology, Certificate in Beauty Therapy, and Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics.

Diploma in Cosmetology

This course targets to prepare students to learn services related to makeup, skin care etc. Students will be guided through various aspects of beauty and cosmetic treatments. The course typically covers a wide range of subjects related to skin types, skin issues, product knowledge and beauty services. The syllabus also includes the latest beauty trends and industry standard techniques. The course mainly focuses on hands-on training, developing the skills of students to work in the industry.

Certificate in Beauty Therapy

The aim of the course is to train students to carry out skin related beauty services for customers. The students are given training to perform makeup applications, hair care, and basic salon procedures. This course focuses on practical training, hence upon finishing the course, students will be able to conduct basic beauty treatments and services. The course develops a well understanding of hygiene practices and client interaction for the students.

Advanced Diploma in Aesthetics

Unlike other courses, this is an advanced level program providing in depth knowledge in the field of aesthetics treatment and skincare. This course covers advanced topics related to beauty, cosmic and skincare. Students enrolled in the program study skincare techniques, medical aesthetics and special treatments. The syllabus may also include topics such as dermatology and cosmetic techniques.

What are the popular beautician job roles in India?

The beauty industry in India offers a wide range of beautician job opportunities . Some of the most popular job roles include:

Salon Manager

Salon managers are in charge of the day-to-day operations of a salon. They administer the work of other staff such as hair stylists, estheticians, manicurists, massage therapists etc. They oversee the process of hiring and training new staff and managing their work schedules. They also have to monitor and manage the saloon’s finances and stay up to date with industry trends. Additionally they play an important role in maintaining a positive environment for both staff and customers.

Makeup Artist

Makeup artists use cosmetic products to enhance the appearance of individuals, applying makeup and prosthetics to people for theatre, films, fashion, television, weddings etc. Beyond basic makeup, makeup artists have a deep knowledge of colour theory, facial anatomy and other makeup techniques. They use the cosmetic application process of applying makeup to clients based on their skin type, preferences and occasion using a variety of cosmetic products such as lipstick, eyeliner, foundation, concealer etc. With the application of colour theory, they create a harmonious and visually appealing look. They consider the clients’ skin tone, features and personal style while choosing the colour. They have mastered various specialized makeup techniques such as blush draping, strobing, baking etc to give attractive look to their customers.

Hair Stylist

Hair stylists are professionals who specialize in the art and science of hair care. They offer fashionable haircuts and hair colour services to clients. They usually recommend hair styles based on the clients’ shape and complexion. They shampoo, blowout, cut, curl, colour or style the hair according to customer needs and current trends. They also conduct hair treatments to improve hair health and texture.

Beauty Advisor

Beauty advisors are professionals who sell and give assistance with different cosmetics and skin care products to customers. They provide detailed and personalised service to meet their clients’ beauty goals with the best products for their skin. They usually recommend products by analysing customers’ hair, skin etc. They understand customers’ skincare concerns and beauty goals and possess extensive product knowledge to suggest skincare advice.


Estheticians or skincare therapists are trained professionals who help you to maintain healthy skin and beauty. They provide tips to improve skin’s overall appearance, including tone, texture and colour. They also help combat sun exposure and aging. They help treat hyperpigmentation, acne, eczema, psoriasis and rosacea.  

Beauty Educator

Beauty educators are professionals who specialize in training and guiding individuals pursuing a career in the beauty and cosmetic industry. They help in designing courses and providing hand-to-hand training to the students enrolled in the course. They also conduct lectures and supervise practice sections for students. They contribute to the skill enhancement of students by providing feedback.

Spa Therapist

Spa therapists are skilled professionals who are trained to offer a range of treatments including skincare and massage. They create a calm and peaceful atmosphere, helping customers to relieve their stress and to enter a state of relaxation and self care. They possess the skills of massaging, waxing, skin analysis, facial treatments and makeup techniques.

Freelance or Mobile Beautician

Freelance or mobile beauticians are professionals who work independently, delivering services to the location of clients. They usually specialize in certain services such as bridal makeup or makeup for special events. They often have reduced overhead costs as they don’t run a salon or spa. All they have is travel expenses. Freelance beauticians usually are highly professional and have portable and well-maintained equipment. They also brand themselves through social media or utilize word of mouth in order to promote themselves. 

What is the salary range for beauticians in India?

The salary of beauticians in India can vary depending on factors such as experience, location, and type of employment. Entry-level beauticians have a modest salary. Mid-level beauticians start to get a salary increment. Afterward, beauticians tend to specialize in particular areas and they receive high salaries. On average, a beautician in India can earn anywhere between Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 50,000 per month.

What are the growth prospects for beauticians in India?

Growth as a beautician mainly depends on experience and areas of expertise. Pursuing advanced courses and getting certified will get you good opportunities initially. After working for some years you can get specialized in high demand areas such as skincare treatments, advanced hair colouring techniques, or makeup artistry. This will trigger growth in your career, placing you in a better position in the future. 

Growth of the Cosmetic Industry in India

According to IBEF (Indian Brand Equity Foundation), by 2025, India will constitute 5% of the total cosmetics market and reach the top five global markets in terms of revenue. Additionally, the market will continue to rise strongly due to consumers’ growing choice of speciality cosmetic products such as organic, herbal, and ayurvedic items. Colour cosmetics, perfumes, specialised skin care, hair care, and makeup cosmetics are the main industries predicted to increase.

The Indian cosmetics industry is mainly categorised into five segments – skin care, hair care, oral care, fragrances, and colour cosmetics. International brands continue to have a significant impact on the Indian market due to the belief among customers that foreign brands are of higher quality. The competition for Indian brands is being increased due to the entering of international companies into the market. L’Oreal Paris, Shiseido, Lakme, Nivea etc are some of the prominent cosmetic brands in India. Top Indian companies like Dabur and Marico continue to dominate the market as they focus on ayurvedic and herbal cosmetic products.

The Indian beauty market is one of the fastest growing ones in the world. Rising population and disposable income have made India an attractive market for MNCs aiming to increase their market share.

Social media has played a crucial role in shaping beauty trends and influencing consumer choices. Beauty influencers and bloggers share beauty tutorials and product reviews which have influenced consumers’ purchasing decisions. Top brands featuring famous models in their ads have also influenced costumer choices.

The cosmetic industry in India will continue to expand in the coming years. Skincare and hair care have become the daily routine of people. People began to use skincare and hair care products as a remedy for problems like acne and dandruff instead of consulting doctors and taking medication. Sunscreens, moisture creams, face creams etc have increased in demand as compared to the past years.

The post-Covid era has shifted beauty products from offline stores to online sites. The digital revolution has caused a revolution in the beauty market that has resulted in the change in the landscape of the cosmetic industry. Consumers all over the country now have access to all kinds of beauty products. Anyone can order the beauty products of their choice through e-commerce sites.

Work-Life Balance

One of the biggest advantages of a career as a beautician is the work flexibility it offers. Many beauticians have the option to choose their working hours, making it easier to balance work and personal life. This is especially beneficial for those with families or other commitments. Additionally, the beauty industry is not limited to a 9-5 schedule, giving beauticians the opportunity to work during evenings and weekends, making it a great option for those looking for a part-time job.

Professionals in the cosmetic industry have the opportunity to work freelance or start their own business. This allows them to have control over their work schedules. Global industry has also contributed to achieving work-life balance in the cosmetic sector. In the post-Covid era, companies, both big and small have been taking a serious look at employee wellbeing. They have initiated programs such as flexible work hours to support a healthy work-life balance. Supportive work cultures and the integration of technology have also helped with employee engagement.

Work environment and work engagement are two important factors in maintaining the work-life balance of beauticians. Generally, the work place of beauticians such as salons, spas, health clubs, and fitness centres etc has a positive social atmosphere. This helps beauticians to socialize with co-workers and customers and develop a good relationship with them. These relationships help them to build connections within the industry which will be beneficial to them in the future in the form of job opportunities. Beauticians can get regular clients if their service is good. Customer satisfaction can also provide referrals, enabling beauticians to get more clients. These connections also keep them informed about the latest trends and techniques in the industry.

As beauticians work in a positive environment and the work they do keeps them engaged. They deal with a variety of clients with different needs. Performing different types of work such as hair services, skin services, nail services etc creates a positive impact and promotes job satisfaction. Since they use many tools, they practice and improve their skills on a daily basis.

Beauticians have a stable career path as their employment rate is expected to increase by 19% between 2020 and 2030. This clearly shows the increase in beauty awareness among people. Apart from models, common people also become beauty conscious and they start to spend a part of their income on beauty products and beauty treatments.


The beauty industry in India is booming, and with it, the demand for skilled beauticians is also increasing. With the right certifications, skills, and dedication, a career as a beautician can be highly rewarding. From job opportunities to salary potential and work-life balance, there are many benefits in pursuing a career in this field. Working in salons or spas aids in establishing connections with clients and thereby builds a thriving career for beauticians. Being a personal beautician or makeup artist with assistants can get you a high income and flexible work hours.  So, if you have a passion for beauty and a desire to help others look and feel their best, a career as a beautician in India may be the perfect fit for you.


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